The rules of Bunco seem to be as unique as the group that is playing. Here are some basic rules for playing with a group of 12 but of course you can adapt them to fit the personality of your group or event!

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What you need:

  • 12 people (preferably fun people - this is about getting out, being social and having a good time!)
  • 3 tables that seat 4 people each.9 dice - 3 for each table.
  • 1 bell for the Head Table.
  • Score Sheets. (I highly recommend using themed score sheets from this website, but maybe I'm biased!)
  • Pens or pencils. (for keeping score of course!)
  • Munchies, Beverages and Prizes.

How to Play:

Bunco is played in rounds - usually in teams of 2. So each table has 2 teams of two at it.

The Head Table controls the starting and stopping of each round. When a team at the head table gets to 21 points or gets a "Bunco" play stops. Points are tallied and seats are changed. (This sounds more complicated than it is once you get started...) 

Here is how it works...

  • Play begins. The first round is the "ones" round, the second round is the "twos" and so on.
  • The first person at each table rolls the three dice, looking to roll 1 or more of whichever round they are on. (So if it is round one, you want to roll a one or if you roll 3 ones, you start jumping for joy and yelling BUNCO!)
  • The person rolling the dice at each table keeps rolling as long as at least one of the dice gets the number they are looking for. The rollers teammate puts a checkmark next to each correct number rolled, giving a point. (So if you are on 'ones' you get 1 point every time you roll a one. You get 21 points for rolling 3 ones - or "bunco".)
  • Five points are awarded if three of the same number are rolled that are not the same number as the round you are on. (So if you get three "twos" but are playing round four, you get 5 points. You would have gotten 21 point if you were on round two...)
  • When the person rolling doesn't get the number for the round being played, they pass the dice to the left and the next team gets to roll for points.
  • Play stops when a team at the Head Table reaches 21. The head table rings the bell to let everyone know to stop rolling. (and because it's more polite and more fun than to just yell, "everyone stop!")
  • Each team at each table adds up their points and figures out which team has won and which has lost. Each member of the team marks their card with a "W" for a win or "L" for a loss.
  • Keep track of your individual buncos as well.
  • The "Print Your Own Bunco" score sheets are set up for four rounds of 1 through 6 with extra space for tally marks or adding more rounds if desired.
  • At the end of each round, the two winners from each table move up a table (towards the head table) and the losers stay put. New teams are formed (you don't stay with the same partner from round to round) and now you have new people to chat and roll with.
  • At the end of the night, the Buncos, Wins & Losses are added up and the number recorded on the line next to your name.
  • The hostess then takes all the score sheets and determines who wins the prizes.
  • Prizes are often awarded for "Most Buncos", "Most Wins" and "Most Losses" but again, it's your party so your group can give out prizes for "Best Shoes" too if you want!

CLICK HERE to get a printable version of the rules >>

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Here's to fun, friendship and rolling BUNCO!

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